Eastern Branch Bubble Tea


Monday to Saturday   12 pm – 5 pm


Eastern Branch Library

6000 Eastern Avenue 

Davenport, IA 52807

Inside of Eastern Branch Library. 

Welcome to Bubble Tea!

Bubble Tea Company makes fresh fruit smoothies with unique asian style bubbles.

Our goal is a healthier long term drink that gives back to the customer’s quality of life. While the rest of the industry is stuck in the dark ages of using cheap substitutes for fruit we still and always will maintain the absolute freshest fruit that can literally be seen by our customers as their drinks are made.

We are very happy to offer a great tasting and good for you alternative to those who wish to break the “fast drink” habit of drinking sodas, fake smoothies (concentrates), and artificial flavor drinks (fruit in taste only).

Bubble Tea Company now has the most advanced and brand new drink making equipment including blenders (Blend-tec), espresso machines (Simonelli), and ice machine (Scotsman). Our state of the art point of sale system is brand new as well from the cutting edge POS company Clover.

We are now able to offer our traditional punch rewards program electronically for card payers so you will automatically be obtaining punches in our Perka rewards program for a free smoothie! The traditional punch cards are still available for cash pay as well.

Bubble Tea Company makes the boba, also known as bubbles, directly in the store which can take a few hours. This time intensive process ensures that our customers experience the most authentic taste of boba possible. Many of our favorite customers hail from different parts of Asia and have told us how much the boba remind them of home.

Here at Bubble Tea Company we aim for our fresh fruit drinks to refresh your body, while our pleasant team members uplift your spirit.

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Everyone should check this place out. Wonderful drinks, great workers, and a friendly atmosphere! Bubble tea is addicting, so you should try it if you haven’t.

Andrew Lister

Today I visited a Bubble Tea Cafe in my town the first time! Bubble Tea tastes soooo good and the guys are sooo friendly 😀 I really like!

Petto Nya