Bubble Tea Company was founded in April of 2015 by William A. Van Leer.  The Bubble Tea boba concept has been around for many years and originally started in Southeast Asia.  William A. Van Leer, the founder, used to live, work, and study in China where he developed an affinity for boba in drinks and noticed how much healthier the average person was.  In beginning the BTC (Bubble Tea Company) concept, Will wanted healthy drinks to displace the all too familiar syrupy, sugary, and overly processed drinks that Americans have become accustomed to.  He decided to not sell any Soda brands and to push for even more healthy alternatives in sweeteners such as Stevia.  The all natural fruit approach that has become rare in many restaurants is something that BTC takes great pride in.

We believe that fruit was designed to be consumed at the closest point to its origin for maximum benefit.


Here at BTC we have many goals that involve making the world a better place. To accomplish some of these goals we help our employees focus on their own life goals, both short and long-term. In turn, our employees help the customers focus on their goals both in the product and level of perceived care. Striving for customer service excellence is one of our top priorities and involves employees treating the customers as if they were more than just a customer. Our customers come to BTC for the great smoothies, but also for the great attitudes, smiles, and general upbeat warmth. We try to learn and remember at least one new customer’s name and life story each day. Business is about more than merely robotic quotas and number crunching, it is about making both yourself and others around you truly happy, that is what we attempt to do everyday at Bubble Tea Company.


Bubble Tea Company has maintained and grown a culture of very close customer interaction with the employees. The customers that frequent BTC do so because of a feeling that it is a place where everybody knows your name・(cue the music). While providing quick, friendly, and efficient service during busy times, the slower times are when the culture of BTC really shines. A spare moment is a great time to enjoy the BTC cultural approach by chatting with the customer.

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